about us
                  "Honesty-based" sincerely look forward to working with you


                  company culture

                  Entrepreneurship develop enterprise, enrich oneself, contribute to society

                  Enterprise policy New products expand the market, low cost stable market share, good quality wins the market

                  Corporate thinking, the shortcomings of performance are over, face reality start again

                  Enterprise development strategy Innovate develop, make it better bigger

                  Development Vision

                        Recalling the tragic years of the past, we have enjoyed the joy of success  the bitterness of failure; however, in the process of business development, Dongfang Carbon has always adhered to these principles: First, adhere to the development strategy of "differentiated competition". To provide customers with more personalized services  products...

                  Anshan Carbon Co., Ltd.

                  Anshan Carbon Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise engaged in the production of carbon products, registered established in August 2006, with its address located in Xinkaihe Town, Tai'an County; The registered capital is 98.8 million yuan, the factory covers an area of approximately 93000 square meters, the total assets are 600 million yuan. There are currently 480 employees over 50 technical management personnel. Annual production of 60000 tons of carbon products. Currently, it has passed the ISO9001 international quality certification. In 2019, it was rated as a national high-tech enterprise with over 20 projects.

                  Mainly produce carbon products based on ordinary power electrodes, high-density electrodes, high-power electrodes, and ultra-high-power electrodes
                  • Round column

                    Round column

                    Mainly used for...

                  • Ultra high power...

                    Ultra high power...

                    Graphite electrode is a...

                  • Square column

                    Square column

                    Mainly used for...

                  • Carton board

                    Carton board

                    Mainly used for...



                  • Quality assured

                    Quality is guaranteed, reputation is benefit

                  • Reliable quality

                    Create a well-known brand in the industry

                  • Unity cooperation

                    A culture of integrity, diligence, sharing happiness

                  • Skilled

                    Possess specialized business knowledge technical level

                  • Powerful

                    More than ten years of operating experience has accumulated excellent product quality

                  • Honest service

                    Quality is guaranteed, reputation is benefit

                  Full range of production lines from graphitization to machining, with leading equipment and advanced technology



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